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Leadership Positioning

“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.”


Executive Positioning: Services
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Our Approach to Executive Positioning

Countless studies have shown that the public image of a leader reflects on the reputation of the organization she or he leads - for good or bad. Thoughtful executive positioning can have a positive impact on the brand and performance of the organization. Prioritizing the leader's brand before the organization's can do the opposite.

Our approach to executive positioning is grounded in corporate communications strategy and focused on articulating a sustainable thought-leadership position for both the leader and the organization.

4 Pillars of Executive Positioning


One Big Ownable Idea

Sustainable thought leadership is grounded in one big ownable idea - something that engages your passion and about which you have a credible and demonstrable right to speak. The first task of developing an executive positioning strategy is to identify this idea.


An Authentic Voice

The voice of an executive leader is not the voice of the organization. It is personal, distinctive and delivered consistently across a variety of platforms, owned, earned and shared. We work with executives to craft a language and tonality that is true to them


An Evolving Narrative

To engage audiences over the long term your thought leadership narrative needs to evolve. You need to articulate and communicate new learnings and insights. Reflect on your failures even as you celebrate your successes. Deliver incisive, insightful commentary on issues relevant to your position. We work with executives to help refine and articulate their thought leadership journey.


Relentless Focus

Credible thought leadership does not happen overnight. You need to focus on your ownable idea and continuously drive the narrative, even when it feels that you are repeating yourself. Consistent messaging and continuous reinforcement are key to building the thought leadership position. We help executives find new ways to communicate their ideas while staying true to their core position.

Executive Positioning: Projects
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