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Founding Partner

Signare was established by Steve Bowen, a globally experienced corporate communications practitioner with more than 25 years' experience in both consultancy and in-house roles.

Steve has served clients in the technology, finance, automotive, education, tourism, oil and gas and defense industries among others and practiced in six countries across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, including in regional leadership roles.

An experienced trainer and facilitator, Steve works with a network of associates around the world to provide clients with the right communications counsel at the right time to deliver the right results.

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Our Principles

Our Principles are grounded in delivering the counsel our clients need, fearlessly.

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We seek to offer the best advice possible openly, transparently and without equivocation.


We believe in clear and succinct communication, both verbally and in writing


We deliver what we promise, when we promise.

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Our Client Service Philosophy

Our approach to client service management is grounded on being present for our clients, physically and intellectually, when they need us.

About: Testimonials

We believe that we can only provide effective counsel if we pay attention to the needs of both our clients and their audiences.


We believe that client service is grounded in ensuring we are accessible to our clients when and where we are needed.


We believe that communication must be grounded in measurable principles and that we must be accountable for the results of the counsel we provide.

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