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Our Brand

This page is designed to help you understand the Signare brand and how to use it. It also contains the assets you need to properly represent the brand in visual communications.


Everything on this page is approved for use within the parameters provided in the brand manual document. If you have any questions you'll find contact details at the end of that document.

Brand Manual

These guidelines are to help create visual and tonal consistency across everything we do, and empower everyone that uses them. 

Please read and apply the basic rules laid out in this document, paying close attention to the conceptual pieces that demonstrate how the identity elements are used together to create the correct look and feel of the brand.

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Logo Suite

The logotype comprises a logo and wordmark created specifically to reflect the brand promise and character.

The brand is always represented by the logotype or the logo alone, never by the wordmark alone.


The default logotype is the two-colour version against a transparent background and this should be used wherever possible. 


The grayscale logotype is used when documents are presented in black and white or when additional contrast is required.

Alternate versions of the logotype are provided for specific uses when the default logotype is unclear or not strongly differentiated.


Black and white versions are used against backgrounds that would make the default logotype unclear.


Colour block versions are provided for occasions when the logotype is presented surrounded by other brands, such as on a third party website. Colour blocks should use the primary color palette and the entire logotype only.

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The color palette comprises five primary colors and five, darker, secondary colors. White, black and a neutral shade of grey may also be used.

Primary and secondary colors and the neutral grey may all be used at saturations of 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%.

Visual Language
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The brand includes five geometric patterns that may be used to add depth and interest to blocks of color.


The patterns may be tessellated and the proportions and transparency changed to suit the needs of the design.

Our primary color sets can be applied to our patterns in a variety of different ways to allow for maximum flexibility.


Each of the six colorways includes a light and dark hue version and can sit either on a white background or on the color set’s supporting color.

The five patterns can also be used as watermarks across communications that require a more subtle graphical approach.


The watermarks can be used in two different ways. Either as a 10% (black) sitting on a 5% (black) background, or a 10% (black) sitting on a white background.

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The Headline typeface is Didot.


Didot should not be used for body copy. It may be used in regular or bold weights, but not in italics.

The Body typeface is Apparat Light.


Apparat may be used in Light, Light Italic and Semi-bold weights. Italics should used sparingly and for emphasis only.

The System typeface is Gill Sans Light.


Gill Sans may be used in Light, Light Italic and Semi-bold weights. Italics should used sparingly and for emphasis only.


Headline Typeface


Didot Regular

Didot Bold

Body Typeface

Apparat Light

Apparat Light

Apparat Light Italic

Apparat Semibold

System Typeface

Gill Sans Light

Gill Sans Light

Gill Sans Light Italic

Gill Sans Semibold


Photography may be selected from stock libraries but should always keep in mind the following principles:


  1. Our brand is about honest counsel, not egos. Images of people should not focus on faces but on interactions.

  2. We use photography exclusively, not vector images to represent the brand.

  3. Images without people should emphasize our roots in corporate communications and should use creative or non-traditional angles.

  4. All images should include an accent color in either blue or red to match our color palette

  5. Images should be clean, well composed and aesthetically pleasing


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